ProctorPassive Wraptite

Wraptite SA and UV-SA are CodeMark Certified externally applied fully self-adhered, vapour permeable, weather resistant, air barrier membranes


Moisture Management Design Guide

NZIA accredited 10 CPD points presentation available on VENT passive ventilation and airtight envelope for cold roofs and walls


Keep Your Project Moving with DriStud Repel

DriStud Repel is a reinforced flexible wall underlay that allows work to continue on the inside of the building (for up to 90 days) without waiting for the cladding to be completed*


G502 - Insulation Guard/Roll Panel Vent/Eaves Baffle

Passive ventilation in the roof space has always been imperative to ensure mildew, mould and condensation are kept at bay. With the H1 Building Code Change, the thicker insulation has a greater risk of touching the underlays as a result of the reduced roof space.

VENT G502 Roll Panel Vent, or Insulation Guard, is one of the key products in ensuring the building meets the new H1 Changes whilst ensuring adequete airflow occurs in the roof cavity.

Designed to maintain a continous 25mm air gap between the underside of the roofing membrane/sarking board and loft insulation at the eaves, providing a consistent flow of air into the roof space. The Roll Panel Vent should be used in conjunction with the Over Fascia Vent to create passive ventilation in the roof cavity.

  • Ideal for trussed roofs of any degree pitch
  • Facilitates insulation installations in accordance with H1 guidelines
  • Protects insulation from internal moisture
  • Suitable for new builds or renovations/re-roofs

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DriSpace Education Systems

DriSpace Education Systems consist of DriStud wall and roof underlay, DriStud Cool Window Flashing tape, Vent products and ProctorPassive airtight membranes – engineered specifically for New Zealand weather conditions.

The systems aim to achieve ‘build tight and ventilate right’ by introducing passive ventilation and airtight membranes in the roof and wall space to minimize interstitial condensation and create healthier, safer and more energy efficient learning environment. 

DriSpace products are engineered for NZ weather conditions and are sold through building merchants and rollformers. The product range we offer include wall wrap, window flashing tapes, synthetic roof underlays, passive ventilation system, vented battens for wall and roof and specialised construction membranes including Proctor wraptite SA (self adhering membranes). Check out our product pages for more details.

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