DriStud Cool Window Flashing Tape

For harsh weather condition: -28°C to 80°C, One layer on the Sill

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DriStud Cool Window Flashing Tape is a window sealing system that can also be used for general sealing of wall penetrations. It provides ultimate protection against water infiltration for windows, doors and thru-wall entry points. It has acrylic adhesive and ensures maximum adhesion to most external building wraps and building membranes across a wide range of temperatures guaranteeing reliable performance in all climates. DriStud Cool Window Flashing Tape does not contain asphalt and is able to be applied in temperatures as low as -6°C without the need for primer.


  • CodeMark™ Certified
  • No primer required down to -6°C
  • Service temperature range -28°C to 80°C
  • Compatible with sealants
  • No Plasticiser Migration
  • Self-seals around properly installed fasteners
  • Can be used on Rigid Air Barriers
  • Can be exposed to UV and weather for up to 60 days
  • Can be used for residential and commercial buildings
  • Suitable for all wind zones of NZS 3604 up to and including “Extra High”
  • Only One Layer Required on the Sill 
  • No Corner Moulds Required


Technical Properties

Minimum installation temperature-6°C
Service temperature range-25°C to 80°C
Maximum UV exposure60 days
Nail sealability test ASTM D1970 Section 7.9Pass
Sealant Compatibility AAMA 713-08Pass
Plasticizer Migration ASTM C772-74No Bleed or Contact Stain

Available Sizes

WIDTH (mm)LENGTH (m)Rolls per carton

Compatible Sealants

The following of sealants are compatible with DriStud Cool Window Flashing Tape.

  • Gorilla MS Sealant
  • Gorilla Plumbers Silicone
  • Gorilla Fix All Flexi
  • Gorilla 940FC
  • Gorilla BlackJack Bituminous Sealant
  • Soudaseal 240FC
  • Soudaseal Firestop MS
  • Dowsil 790
  • Dowsil 795
  • Dowsil 758
  • Gorilla Firestop MS
  • Holdfast Fixall HG MS
  • Bostik Seal ‘n’ Flex Façade
  • Bostik Seal ‘n’ Flex 1

WARNING – Avoid high heat and/or ignition sources during shipment, storage and application. Do not store DriStud Cool Window Flashing Tape in places where prolonged exposure to Sunlight is possible. TCL Hunt highly recommends this product is stored inside or under cover.