DriStud REPEL Flexible Air Barrier

Fire Retardant, Vapour Permeable, Water Resistant, Flexible Air Barrier

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DriStud REPEL is a fire retardant, water resistant, vapour permeable, flexible air barrier, featuring a green, quattro-laminate synthetic membrane consisting of two outer non-woven layers with scrim. Installed over wall framing, it provides a secondary weather-resistant layer which prevents the accumulation of moisture.

DriStud REPEL is a reinforced flexible wall underlay that is suitable for use as temporary weather protection to allow interior works to continue inside the building without the exterior wall cladding fully in place (for up to 90 days).

CodeMark Certified

Key Features

  • CodeMark™ Certified
  • Fire Retardant (FR Index: 1)
  • UV Exposure: 90 days
  • Can be direct fixed to timber and steel-framing
  • Can be used where cladding is installed over a cavity system or direct fixed cladding
  • Can be used for residential and commercial buildings
  • Thick and Strong


Keep Working
DriStud Repel allows work to continue on the inside of the building (for up to 90 days) without waiting for the cladding to be completed.

Water Resistant
Provides a high resistance to moisture while restricting air movement within the wall cavity.

Flexible Air barrier
Has a specialized air barrier material allows for the highest moisture vapour transfer creating a healthier more energy-efficient structure for projects in wet and cold climates.

Meets NZ Building Codes
Meets or exceeds applicable building codes for water resistant barriers and air barriers. DriStud Repel is CodeMark™ certified for both commercial and residential applications

Technical Properties

PropertyTest MethodValueRequirements
Water Vapour ResistanceASTM E96 Procedure B≤ 0.50 MN s/g≤ 7 MN s/g
AbsorbencyAS/NZS 4201: Part 6179g/m²≥ 100 g/m²
Air ResistanceBS ISO 5636-5:20031.60 MN s/m³≥ 0.1 MN s/m³
Water ResistanceAS/NZS 4201.4:1994Pass≥ 100mm water head
FlammabilityAS 1530.2:1993FR Index: 1 Pass≤ Index 5
Tensile StrengthASTM D88210.6MD: > 2KN/m
8.38CD: > 1 KN/m
Edge Tear ResistanceTAPPI T470475MD: > 100 N
344CD: > 55 N
UV ExposureASTM G15490 Days
Weight192 ±5 g/m2


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