DriStud is a NZ brand of building products servicing both residential and commercial sectors. Products are engineered for NZ weather conditions and designed to be durable, highly functional and easy to install. The product range includes: wall wrap, window flashing tapes, synthetic roof underlays and foil insulation.


VENT is the leading New Zealand specialist in the supply of passive ventilation systems and products. The products are structured and specifically tailored for NZ buildings and the extreme climatic conditions. VENT was created as a direct result of the misconception that the ‘Leaky Homes’ disaster that gripped New Zealand was caused solely by external moisture penetration and product failure.


Proctor products whose origin is from the UK since early 1900 specialise in manufacturing construction membranes. Proctor Group Australia has been servicing the Australian and New Zealand building and construction industry with an extensive portfolio of high-performance thermal and acoustic insulation, vapour control layers and self-adhering membranes.