About Vent

VENT is the leading New Zealand specialist in the supply of passive ventilation systems and products. Our systems are structured and specifically tailored for New Zealand buildings and the extreme climatic conditions. VENT was created as a direct result of the misconception that the ‘Leaky Homes’ disaster that gripped New Zealand was caused solely by external moisture penetration and product failure.

Internal Moisture

Recent research shows that internal moisture & condensation in the roof space is a widespread and growing problem across New Zealand.

Weather tightness requirements have been specified for many decades without the required ventilation. The lack of passive ventilation causes condensation to occur. From this, mould is easily formed which is a major contributor to the alarmingly high level of asthma and respiratory diseases experienced in New Zealand. Passive ventilation is a method of allowing continuous airflow into a building above the thermal envelope. This eliminates internal moisture from the roof cavity and prevents condensation and mould from forming.

If You Heat and Insulate
and you don’t Ventilate, you will Condensate!

Applying this rule, it is VENTs mission to see the quality of New Zealand buildings improve significantly by simply allowing our buildings to breathe again. It is essential that buildings achieve balanced airflow through both the habitable and non habitable areas of the building before they can start to be considered as a healthy home or a healthy working environment.