DriStud W11 White Faced Foil Insulation

Synthetic Fire Retardant Heavy Weight Premium White Faced Foil

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DriStud W11 is a Fire Retardant, fully synthetic, vapour, water barrier and a light diffuser insulation product. It is used for interior lining for commercial and industrial buildings, sports stadiums and warehousing facilities where extra clean white finish is required.

We recommend using Safety Mesh or Hexagonal Netting to support DriStud W11.


  • CodeMark™ Certified
  • Fire Retardant – FR Index 1
  • Titanium white finish – extra white increases light diffusion and reflection
  • Stiff product with superior tear resistance
  • Ease of installation – its stiffness and 150mm lap lines makes it easy to install
  • Self-Supporting
  • Water and Vapour barrier


Technical Properties

Total weight190 ±5 g/m2
Roll Sizes (m²)1350mm x 55.6m (75m²)
Flammability indexAS1530.2-19931
Fire RetardantYes
Resistance to Dry DelaminationAS/NZS 4200.1:1994Pass
Resistance to Wet DelaminationAS/NZS 4200.2:1994Pass
Resistance to water penetrationAS/NZS 4201.4:1994High (Water Barrier)
Vapour barrierASTM E96Yes
Durability (years)15
Roof Pitch˃ 3°

Special Requirements

Buildings of the following types using metal cladding should have a sealed vapour barrier and are subject to specific design.

  • Swimming pools.
  • Buildings containing liquids stored in open containers.
  • Buildings where water is used in manufacturing, cleaning or storage processes.
  • Ice rinks, cold stores and freezers.
  • Buildings where unvented gas heating is used.

A vapour barrier incorrectly located on the cold side of a structure or poorly installed can result in a rapid build-up of cavity or interstitial condensation and result in high costs for rectifying defects and damage. Cold stores, freezers or buildings where the temperature is near or below 0° all require a fully sealed vapour barrier located on the warmer outer side of the insulation but are subject to specific design.