G1275 – Eaves Comb Filler

G1275 - Eaves Comb Filler

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Product Overview

The G1275 VENT Eaves Comb Filler is designed with flexible fingers that adjust to fill the gaps left when using profiled tiles or steel roof cladding, preventing entry of birds and large insects.

The use of the G1275 eliminates the need to make or buy expensive purpose made profiled fillers that can block necessary airflow into the roof spacing between underlay and roof cladding.

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Technical Properties

Total LM per Carton50 pieces (50 LM) per Carton
Vent size4mm grille
Warranty15 years


  • The G1275 Eaves Comb Filler should be nailed or screwed to the top of the fascia board or wall Girt through the fixing holes provided along the full lengths of the eaves and joined where necessary
  • It can be fixed over the roofing membrane if required.

Product Benefits

  • Prevents entry of birds and nesting insects
  • 1m lengths for ease of installation
  • Profiles to the underside of the roof covering


  • It comes in 1 long
  • 50 pieces (50 LM) per Carton

G1275 Installation Video