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Build tight and ventilate right

Education Systems

DriSpace Education Systems consist of DriStud wall and roof underlay, DriStud Cool Window Flashing tape, Vent products and ProctorPassive airtight membranes – engineered specifically for New Zealand weather conditions. The systems aim to achieve ‘build tight and ventilate right’ by introducing passive ventilation and airtight membranes in the roof and wall space to minimize interstitial condensation and create healthier, safer and more energy efficient learning environment. 

Benefits DriSpace Education Systems: 
  1. Protection against moisture penetration, whilst restricting air movement
  2. Creating healthier and more energy-efficient envelopes
  3. Vapour permeable and air barrier properties
  4. Cost effective and high performing system components
  5. Minimise interstitial condensation and mould growth
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NZIA accredited 10 CPD points presentation available on VENT passive ventilation and airtight envelope for cold roofs and walls.

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