G700 – Vent Circular Soffit Vents

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The VENT Circular Soffit Vent G700 is designed to provide passive airflow into the roof cavity to reduce the risk of moisture build-up.

  • Suitable for new builds and renovations.
  • Should be used as part of proprietary system for trussed and skillion roofs.
  • Should be used in conjunction with VENT Roll Panel Vent/Insulation Guard (G502CL) to ensure continuous unimpeded airflow into the roof void.
  • To be used as part of proprietary ventilation system.


  • Insect proof – 4mm vents prevent ingress of nesting insects.


Installation is a simple push twist action into a 70 mm hole drilled in the soffit board.


Technical Properties

Dimensions13.5mm thick x 76mm diameter
Quantity50 per carton
Vent size4mm
ColoursBlack & White
Warranty15 years