Introducing DriStud W11

Codemark certified fully synthetic fire retardant premium white faced foil insulation

DriSpace introduces upgraded DriStud W11 for commercial and industrial buildings where an extra clean white finish is required. Extra titanium dioxide is added to the non-woven polypropylene to give it a premium white finish that helps disperse ambient light, creating a brighter space. It is also a stiff product with superior tear resistance, and with 150mm lap lines, it is easy and quick to install.

Key Features 

  • Fire retardant – FR Index 1 
  • Titanium white finish – extra white increases light diffusion and reflection 
  • Stiff product with superior tear resistance 
  • Ease of installation – its stiffness and 150mm lap lines makes it easy to install 
  • Self-Supporting 
  • Water and vapour barrier 

VENT NZ passive ventilation products distributed by DriSpace

The 150mm width of VENT RV10P and RV10DT ridge vents will ensure the standard ridge cappings of 200mm will accommodate the ridge vents.

  • RV10P will be compatible with trough sizes up to 34mm 
  • RV10DT Deep Trough Ridge Vent will be compatible with trough sizes from 34mm to 48mm 
  • AB20 and AB20DT Apron Vents are replaced by RV10P Half and RV10DT Half. Cut RV10P and RV10DT in half lengthwise to use for abutments and barge details. 

DriSpace products are engineered for NZ weather conditions and are sold through building merchants and rollformers. The product range we offer include wall wrap, window flashing tapes, synthetic roof underlays, plastic damp proof course (Procourse), passive ventilation system, vented battens for wall and roof and specialised construction membranes including Proctor wraptite SA (self adhering membranes). Check out our product pages for more details.

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