About DriSpace

DriSpace offers a range of comprehensive ventilation systems, aimed to resolve the internal moisture problem that plagues New Zealand buildings.

The DriSpace systems are applicable to both the commercial and residential sectors and are created by combining high vapour permeable DriStud roof and wall underlays, with VENT passive ventilation products and/or Proctor technical membranes. These products, are engineered specifically for New Zealand weather conditions and provide a complete solution. All products are sold through building merchants and roll-formers throughout the country.


DriStud is a NZ brand of building products servicing both residential and commercial sectors. Products are engineered for NZ weather conditions and designed to be durable, highly functional and easy to install. The product range includes: wall wrap, window flashing tapes, synthetic roof underlays and foil insulation.

Vent NZ

VENT is the leading New Zealand specialist in the supply of passive ventilation systems and products. The products are structured and specifically tailored for NZ buildings and the extreme climatic conditions. VENT was created as a direct result of the misconception that the ‘Leaky Homes’ disaster that gripped New Zealand was caused solely by external moisture penetration and product failure.


Proctor products whose origin is from the UK since early 1900 specialise in manufacturing construction membranes. Proctor Group Australia has been servicing the Australian and New Zealand building and construction industry with an extensive portfolio of high-performance thermal and acoustic insulation, vapour control layers and self-adhering membranes.


TCL Hunt is a leader in the supply of high-quality technical materials and equipment to many different industries including the building sector. TCL Hunt were one of the first companies to introduce synthetic building wraps to the New Zealand market, distributed through major building material suppliers across the country.

TCL Hunt has a Quality Management System which is ISO 9001 certified. However, we believe there is no finish line in business, and all our staff are committed and encouraged to continually look for business and product improvements. Together ,our team, and the technical resources of our suppliers,  relish the challenge of providing best practice solutions to innovate and maintain customer loyalty.

Sales Service

Our Sales Staff and Sales Support Team are knowledgeable and are committed to providing exceptional Customer Service. We offer competitive pricing and also have a quotation service available for larger jobs based on your square metre requirement. (Quoted within 24-hours of applying via email, fax or phone.)

Contact our friendly Team with any enquiries you may have:

0800 DriSpace (0800 374 7883) or sales@drispace.co.nz

Technical Enquiries

Please send any technical enquiries to: technical@drispace.co.nz

For specification please contact Jinny Kim
mob: 021 935 555
email: jinny.kim@drispace.co.nz


Our Management and Sales Team offer over 60 years of combined experience to the Building Industry.

We endeavour to ensure all of our Staff are well equipped with all the tools and knowledge required to ensure our Customers receive the best possible products and service available.

Mission Statement

The Building Industry is constantly evolving due to new technologies and ideas. At DriSpace we strive for only the best and ensure our Staff are well trained and our products are tested and meet New Zealand Building Code.