Frequently asked Questions

Q: Can DriStud roof underlays be installed on wall as wall underlay?

A: Yes you can use DriStud FRU38, FRU36 and RU24 as wall underlays.
DriStud FRU38, FRU36 and RU24 satisfy the requirements for E2 External Moisture and this is supported by the CodeMark certificates. Because the requirements for roof underlay exceed the requirements for wall underlay for compliance with E2 External Moisture in all respects it follows that all the DriStud roof underlays also comply with the requirements of E2 External Moisture when used as wall underlay.

Q: Can DriStud Wall Wrap used as roof underlay?

A: No. DriStud Wall Wrap can be installed on walls only.
Please use DriStud FRU38, FRU36 and RU24 for roof applications.

Q: Can DriStud Wall Wrap installed vertically?

A: Yes the DriStud Wall Wrap can be installed vertically.
Where horizontal installation is not practical such as large commercial buildings DriStud wall wrap may be installed vertically with a minimum of 150mm overlap. If vertical laps are taped, laps can be reduced to 50mm Overlaps and they must be positioned over frame members.

Q: Is DriStud Cool Window Flashing Tape compatible with silicone sealants?

A: Yes. Selected silicone sealants were tested in accordance with AAMA 713-08 “Voluntary Test Method to Determine Chemical Compatibility of Sealants and Self-Adhered Flexible Flashings”, using test temperatures of 5°C, 30°C, 60°C, and 80°C.

The following sealants are confirmed to be compatible with the Cool Tape.

  1. Dowsil 758,
  2. Dowsil 790
  3. Dowsil 795
  4. Gorilla Firestop MS
  5. Fix HG MS
  6. Fixall 220 MS
  7. MasterSeal NP 150
  8. Sika AT
  9. SikaMS.

5. Q: Where can I purchase DriSpace products from? (DriStud underlays, Vent products and Proctor membranes)?

A: The products are available at the building merchants and roll-formers. Should the stock are not available, they can be ordered in.